Wood Carvings

Another Pic of TOOLZ:
Stylized Cedar Bird:
Relief Carved Bird:
Stylized Codfish Weathervane:
"The Deciple" Cypress Knee Carving:
"My 1st & Only Chain-saw Carving" Dolphinfish:
"The Prophet" Cypress Knee Carving:
Lined Puzzle-Box with Pyrography:
"My Carpenter's Crosses1" :
"My Carpenter's Crosses2" :

Leather Goods

Hand-sewn Briefcase:
"Pookie's Purse" Laced and Tooled Purse:
Hand-sewn & tooled Celtic Purse:
Hand tooled "Manatee" Hand Bag:
Hand tooled "Seahorse" Hand Bag:
Hand sewn "Saddlebags" Saddle Bags:
"My Corner of the Net" :

Laura's Pyrography

"Laura's Pyrographic Duck" :
"Laura's Pyrographic Wolf" :